Each student will select one concentration when they declare Communication Studies as their major.


General Communication Studies Concentration allows students to build unique coursework plans suited to their interests and customized to diverse career pathways from all concentrations listed below. It provides for expanded interdisciplinary educational experiences.    

Download the Track Worksheet: General Communication Worksheet


Health Communication examines the role of communication in understanding, promoting, and maintaining health. Emphasis is placed on the social construction of health, structural and social determinants of health, patient-provider communication, communication in healthcare organizations, interpersonal and family communication about health, mental health, gender, spirituality, disability, and aging.

Download the Track Worksheet: Health Communication Worksheet


Media and Technology is designed for students interested in the development and critical analysis of different forms of media and technologies as a social, cultural, political, and economic force. Contemporary issues explored may include technologies in the urban context, privacy, and surveillance, media and mobility, data and society, digital identity, digital health & culture, digital feminism, the political economy of media, media law, media policy, media ethics, and global media. Throughout these courses, students develop skills in critical engagement with media as well as some experiences of multimodal writing and production.       

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Organizational Communication is designed for students whose careers will benefit from an understanding of the communication processes that occur within organizational contexts. Students will explore both the theory and practice of organizational communication. Students choosing this track are often interested in careers in personnel, human resources, training and development, and management.

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Rhetoric, Culture, and Social Change is designed for those students desiring a well-developed background in the use, theory, construction, and analysis of public messages. The course of study provides training in individual public communication skills such as Advanced Public Speaking, Argumentation, and Debate, as well as providing a foundation for the analysis and evaluation of advocacy discourse. Students choosing this track are generally interested in careers in law, politics, religion, or sales. 

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Public Relations is designed to provide students with knowledge of public relations as a professional practice. Students examine both the theory and application of public relations.

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