Independent Study

Guidelines for COMM 3880 Independent Study

  1. The goal of an independent study course is to allow a student to examine in depth a communication studies topic that is not offered in a traditional course. An independent study may build upon a Communication Studies course the student has already taken.
  2. COMM 3880 credit may not be earned as a substitute for a course that is presently and regularly offered by the department.
  3. Students will need an electronic permit in order to register for COMM 3880. The permit will be issued after a faculty member has agreed to supervise the student’s independent study, and after the student has completed and submitted the COMM 3880 Independent Study Request Form and the required contract for an independent study. The Undergraduate Coordinator will issue the permit to the student.
  4. The student will be responsible for registering for the independent study.
  5. The contract must outline:
    1. the specific topic(s) the student will study
    2. the specific readings the student will complete (at least half of all of the required readings must be listed in the plan, with an indication of how other readings will be added)
    3. the schedule of written assignments the student will complete
    4. the schedule of meetings the student will hold with the faculty supervisor (at least 4 during the semester)
  6. An independent study is the equivalent of a regular course. A 3 credit independent study requires at least 70 hours of work during the semester. If a student enrolls in a 1 or 2 credit independent study, the required hours may be adjusted appropriately.
  7. The grade for an independent study course will be assigned by the faculty member who supervises the independent study. The student should consult with the faculty supervisor about when all assignments are due, in order that the faculty member has an appropriate amount of time to evaluate all assignments and communicate the grade to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Click here for an independent study request form

Click here for a independent study contract form