Each student will select one concentration when they declare Communication Studies as their major.


Health Communication is designed to examine the role of communication in the understanding, promotion and maintenance of good health. Communication is the key tool that healthcare professionals use in assisting healthcare seekers in preventing, diagnosing, managing and treating illness. Students choosing this track are generally interested in careers in the health care field, including such positions as patients’ advocates, public health information officers, medical office managers, and pharmaceutical sales.

Download the Track Worksheet: Health Communication Worksheet


Mass Media is designed for students interested in the development and critical analysis of the media as a cultural force. Contemporary issues in media criticism and media law and policy are explored. Although the track is primarily focused on the liberal study of media, students choosing this major often combine it with a minor in Journalism or in Film Studies. 

Download the Track Worksheet: Mass Media Worksheet


Organizational Communication is designed for students whose careers will benefit from an understanding of the communication processes that occur within organizational contexts. Students will explore both the theory and practice of organizational communication. Students choosing this track are often interested in careers in personnel, human resources, training and development, and management.

Download the Track Worksheet: Organizational Communication Worksheet


Public Advocacy is designed for those students desiring a well-developed background in the use, theory, construction and analysis of public messages. The course of study provides training in individual public communication skills such as Advanced Public Speaking, Argumentation and Debate, as well as providing a foundation for the analysis and evaluation of advocacy discourse. Students choosing this track are generally interested in careers in law, politics, religion, or sales.

Download the Track Worksheet:  Public Advocacy Worksheet


Public Relations is designed to introduce students to the both the theory and practice of public relations. Students will examine the strategies, principles and techniques of public relations and how organizations seek to share their messages with internal as well as external publics. A particular focus on international public relations is available in this track. Students choosing this track are generally interested in pursuing careers in the public relations field.

Download the Track Worksheet: Public Relations Worksheet 


Students electing the Certificate in International Public Relations must be enrolled as majors in the Public Relations track.

Public relations practice has been influenced by the same sweeping trend of internationalization that has affected virtually all dimensions of society. The Undergraduate Certificate in International Public Relations helps students acquire a deeper understanding of the factors that complicate human and mass communication across cultures. Students choosing this option will have a far greater understanding of the social, political, economic and cultural differences that can affect public relations around the globe.

Download the Track Worksheet: CIPR Worksheet