Why Communication Studies?

What is Communication Studies?

Communication Studies is the largest major in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Communication Studies discipline focuses on the theoretical, critical, and scientific study of how humans communicate with one another in all of its forms. Our undergraduate program provides students with an examination of communication theory, practices and processes in a variety of contexts, from interpersonal, group, organizational, public and electronically mediated communication.

What can I do with a degree in Communication Studies?

Communication Studies provides a general liberal arts education that is valued by many employers, and, like other liberal arts majors, it opens the door to a wide array of careers. Communication Studies majors pursue careers in areas such as public relations, marketing, personnel and media. This major is an excellent preparation for law school, and students can pursue graduate work in communication studies. Coupled with another social science major, Communication Studies provides extra capital for careers in areas such as social work, counseling, politics and management. The list below is not exhaustive of the areas that are available to you.

Sample Occupations


Patient Advocate


Corporate Comm. Rep.

Media Buyer


Event Planner

Promotions Specialist

Public Relations Rep.

Director of PR


News Studio Operator

Real Estate Manager

Executive Recruiter

News Assistant

Marketing Manager



Corporate Trainer

Speech Writer

News Reporter

Pharmaceutical Sales

Public Health Officer

Patient/Familiy Liason