Jiang to help lead publication, webinar

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Dr. Min Jiang, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Chair of the Confucius Institute Faculty Advisory Council, has taken on leadership roles, both long- and short-term.

Starting in January 2019, Dr. Jiang will begin her four-year tenure as Associate Editor at Sage journal Communication & the Public. This international, peer-reviewed journal publishes “both theoretical and empirical research articles in the intersections of communication and the public broadly defined.” The latest issue of the journal, for instance, is a special issue on neoliberalism and the public sphere. Dr. Guobin Yang (University of Pennsylvania, Communication & Sociology) and Dr. Zhongdang Pan (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Communication) are co-editors.

Before she taken on her publication duties, though, Dr. Jiang will deliver a webinar for the National Humanities Center’s Humanities in Class webinar series of 2018-19. Her topic, to be delivered Sept. 25, 2018, is “The Chinese Internet: Open for Business, Closed to Criticism?” Dr. Jiang will offer an overview of the historical development of the internet in China, exploring topics such as censorship, business monopoly and internet activism. The webinar target audience is middle school, high school, and college instructors as well as nonprofit professionals and educators. For more information, see: https://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/education-programs/webinars/